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Kaduna Declaration Is Just A Reaction – Katsina Governor Says

🔥Posted by: On: June 18, 2017. In: News

The governor of Katsina, Aminu Masari, despite the condemnation from several quarters has made light of the Kaduna Declaration, saying it is just a reaction to an action. Masari wondered what youths could spend their energy on, if not on things like that.

Masari said, “It is a reaction to an action. I think it is just a reaction to the pronouncement of the proponents of Biafra. They are just reacting to the action of another group, but the reaction does not seem to promote the unity and oneness of the nation. I think it is part of life. Under normal conditions, even if what you are doing is good, you will still find some people who are not pleased with it.”

“I don’t take such comment serious because this group you are talking about, it’s members must be based either in Abuja or Kaduna. But is there any northern town that can be more Arewa than Katsina? Take it from me, it is mere pronouncement. It is a reaction to an action. But when youths say something, they can be sometimes be volatile and carry out threats. Have they (northern youths) been volatile?”

“I very much doubt that. I think the only time the youths can be volatile is during election especially if their votes are stolen. I don’t think the northern youths’ statement is something we should worry about. There was an action and some people are reacting to the action. When MASSOB said people should not come out, many people came out here. This is part of national growth. When a nation is evolving into a mature nation, you are bound to pass through this process of development.”

“Even in America, despite their advancement, there are still groups there that believe they should have their own freedom, you have some people hoisting the confederate flag especially when former President Barack Obama defeated Senator McCain. Some people still believe in Adolf Hitler. Where do you want youths to channel their energy if not on things like this?”

With a governor implying this is the best way young people could make use of their energy, is this not an indication of how the ruling class perceive Nigerian youths?

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